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Doe Kidskin

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Doe Kidskin

*IMPORTANT: Please Read Before Purchasing*
Our Leather is priced by the square foot and sold by the piece. (Side, hide, skin, split, or belly). The purchase price reflects only the average size and price of a particular cut of leather.

Due to Varying Sizes and Shipping weights of each piece, there may be an additional charge or debit to your card.

By selecting "Buy Now" and then completing your purchase, you agree to these terms.

Premium, glove-soft kidskin is specially tanned to feel like deerskin. It's ideal for making buck skinning garments and trappings.
 Skins are 2 to 3oz. and average 5 to 7 square feet.

Color Stock # Price: Square foot Buy Now
Black 9125-01 $37.53    5-7 Buy Now
Saddle Tan 9125-03 $37.53    5-7 Buy Now