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Price: $13.99
Western Bib Shirt Pattern


The classic Western Bib Shirt is easy to create following this new Eagle's View pattern - you will love it's simplicity. It may be made from linen or linen blends, cotton or cotton blends, or lightweight wool. The pattern shows how to make sizes Small (36), Medium (38), Large (42), X-Large (46) and XX-Large (50).

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mrbuckpant.jpg (11353 bytes)

Price: $13.99
Buckskin Pants


An authentically styled, early pants pattern that can be made using any type of garment leather. Typical of the early 1800s, these include a waistband, flared legs & button fly. Accommodates waist sizes 30-42.

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egloves.jpg (12005 bytes)

Price: $13.99
Gloves, Gauntlets
& Mittens Pattern


A pattern pack of gloves and mittens with a Materials list for each pattern. Easy to use patterns include complete instructions designed to help you complete a beautiful finished project.

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mrfreetraphat.jpg (11895 bytes)

Price: $13.99
Free Trapper Hat


Includes options for several authentic fur trade period hats using fur from bear, wolf, coyote, coon, etc. Detailed instructions give hints on decorating hats as well as assembly. Accommodates 6 7/8" - 7 5/8"

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mrtrapperbucshr.jpg (9690 bytes)

Price: $13.99
Trapper's Fringes
Buckskin Shirt


This classic shirt was first popularized by the fur trappers and traders and remained in use on the Plains throughout the 19th Century. Many variations existed and are possible using our pattern. Sizes S, M, L, XL, & XXL.

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efrontfurhat.jpg (12761 bytes)

Price: $13.99
Frontier Fur Hat Pattern


This Frontier Fur Hat is designed from pictures drawn by Bodmer during his visit to the Fur Trade in the early 1800s. The pattern comes with complete instructions for making the fur hat with just the body of the pelt or, as shown on the front cover, with an option for using the face of the animal.

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mrcapote.jpg (11192 bytes)

Price: $13.99
The Capote


Traditional style capote worn by most western tribes and Mountain men. Can be made from blankets for authenticity or heavy wool. Includes several options for fringe treatment, decorations, etc. and is easy to make.

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Price: $13.99
Eastern Longhunter's Pattersn


Included are Pattern for:  Flint & Gun Tool Wallet, Tomahawk Belt Carriage, Rawhide Tobacco & Bullet Canteen, Eastern Pipe Bag, Tomahawk Sheath with Sling Carriage, Woodlands Indian Knife sheath, Canadian Cap, and Eastern Rifleman's Bag.

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mrchildcapote.jpg (11380 bytes)

Price: $13.99
Child's Capote


A capote is a great coat for a child. Our pattern gives complete, illustrated instructions includes details and suggestions for various fringe treatments, decorations and trim. Sizes 6 to 14.

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