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Vinylex Protectant

Similar to our popular Lexol conditioner line. Vinylex is a protectant for all your rubber, plastic, or vinyl surfaces. Shines, cleans, protects. 16.9fl oz. Spray Bottle. (1/2 Liter)

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Pro-Carve Concentrate

Case your carving leather with Pro-Carve for deep, dark tool burnishing with less effort and almost effortless carving. Penetrates even the thickest hides, quickly allowing you to begin working in a very few minutes. Try it, you'll stop casing with water.

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Kelly's Water Protector

Kelly's Water Protector repels water when applied on leather, suede & fabric shoes, boots, handbags, & jackets. 5.5 oz


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Fiebing's Reptile Cleaner

Use this aerosol cleaner to clean all of your reptile covered leather goods. Works on snake, alligator, and other items.


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Fiebing's Neatsfoot
Oil Compound Gallon

Time proven Neatsfoot Oil Compound softens, waterproofs, and protects leather. Especially good for items exposed to rugged outdoor use like hunting boots and saddles. Add years of life to your leather.

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Kelly's Lynn Easy Cleaner - 8 oz

Safe and effective liquid suede cleaner. Also cleans surface dirt on leather, nubuck and canvas. 8 oz bottle

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Neatsfoot Oil

A special conditioner, formulated with beeswax and developed to soften, preserve and waterproof leather in temperature extremes. Use on boots, saddles, tack, belts, shoes and leather upholstery.

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