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Leather Dyes
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#12 Deglazerormd-small.jpg (2449 bytes)

Removes grease, waxes, lacquers and top finishes allowing uniform application of dyes and finishes. Deglazer won't impair leathers' softness or flexibility
Made in America

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Fiebing's Hi-Liter Finish

Enhance your tooled leather with this easy to use finish. Imparts a beautiful two-tone light brown antique finish that will make your carving and stamping stand out in bold relief.
Made in America

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Fiebing's Leather Stain

Add a rich, expensive look to belts, saddles and more. This stain won't harden vegetable tanned leather. Available  in black, walnut, golden oak, or cherry colors which may be mixed to vary shades. Apply Leather Sheen for added depth to your colors. Not for suede leathers.
Made in America

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Fiebing's Edge Kote

Gives a professional, finished look to the backs and edges of your leatherwork.  Apply with #3445-00 Wool Daubers.
Made in America

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Price: $7.49
Fiebing's Antique
Finish 4oz.

Brings out hand-tooling and embossing effects with rich luster. Use Tan Kote #2220 as a base coat if desired. Apply with #3445-00 Wool Daubers.  Available in Various colors. 4oz jars or quarts.
Made in America

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Gum Tragacanth

Burnish your leather edges like the pros. Exclusive Drake's Gum Tragacanth is a must for all serious leather crafters.
Made in America

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ORM-D = Cannot be Shipped by Air
Cannot be Shipped Overseas

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Used for filling cracks, edges, lacing and waxing thread.
1oz. block.
Made in America

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