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Price: $79.99
Heritage Riveter

Comes with both a splash anvil and a magnetized cap anvil so you don't have to punch a hole first. Automatically adjusts for up to 8/16" tube rivets. Easily attaches to a workbench.
Made in the U.S.A.

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Mini Anvil

These cast iron anvils are perfect for setting rivets, conchos, jewelry making and more. Chrome Plated. Available in 2lbs. or 4lbs.

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Charlie's Sharpening Kit &
Reconditioning Kit

Contains sharpening wheel and polishing wheel made to fit any 1/2" shaft bench grinder. use these wheels to put a professional quality, razor sharp, burr-free edge on your cutlery. Each 8" x 3/4" wheel will sharpen 300-400 knives before requiring reconditioning. Includes one CW-2 Reconditioning Kit. Easy to use. Grinder not included.
Made in the U.S.A.

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Price: $63.99
Leather Stripper
"The Lace Maker"

Cut your own lace, fringe, belts and braiding strips. Cuts in multiples of 1/8" up to 3" wide. Works best on firmer leathers from 3-4 oz.

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5 Pack Price: $3.99

Price: $197.50
C. S. Osborne Hand Press

Cuts leather and sets Snaps, Grommets, and Rivets. Dies sold separately. It has a reinforced frame and handle. Bolts to table for added stability. Comes with a nylon block for cutting holes in leather. 22" high and weighs 16 lbs.
Made in U.S.A.

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