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Lacing and Stitching Tools
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Price: $19.99
Awl Kit


An excellent tool for sewing leather, canvas, and similar materials.   Hollow handle holds extra  needles and wrench. Directions furnished with each awl explaining how automatic awl lock stitch can be effected in repair work. Furnished with one #5, one #8 straight needle, and one spool of black thread.
Made in America

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 Lock-Stitching Awl Kit
Replacement Needles


Replacement needles for the Lock-Stitching Awl Kit.
Available in 3 sizes and styles.
Made in America

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1204-01.jpg (4958 bytes)
Price: $3.99
Awl Reel
12 1/2 yds.

Reels of thread for 1216 available in black (-01) brown (-02) white (-03) and natural (-04) colors. 12 1/2 yds. spool.

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Price: $74.99
Hand Stitching Kit

Loaded with all the basic tools for hand stitching. Learn dozens of hand stitching techniques. Includes: Overstitch wheel, stitching awl haft and blade, groover, needles, thread, beeswax and The Art of Hand Sewing Leather, by Al Stohlman

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Price: $89.99
Scratch Compass
"Osborne #34"

A multi-purpose, polished scratch compass which includes one point and three scratchers; small, medium and large. For gouging circles or decorative designs or used along the edge for gouging sewing channels, etc.
Made in America

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Price: $18.90
Scratch Compass
Replacement Scratchers

"Osborne #34"

Replacement Scratchers for our "Osborne #34" Scratch Awl. Available in three sizes.
Made in America

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8069.jpg (4522 bytes)

Price: $21.49
 Saddle Maker's Grover

Just loosen the chuck with your fingers, position the blade and retighten. No extra tools needed to adjust the blade. Make a clean groove from 1/16" to 1 1/2" from the edge. Blade included.

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3607.jpg (9514 bytes)

Price: $14.99
Wing Divider

Plots and measures curves. Set screw locks into position. Ideal for scribing arcs, gauging and dividing lines. 8" long and up to 6 1/2" span.

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I_106.jpg (3694 bytes)

Price: $52.50
Wing Divider

"Osborne 106"

The nuts on the wings are steel. Washers are of turned brass. The points are carefully hardened and every care is taken with the threads of the screws which hold the legs in position on the wings. The springs are carefully tempered and are made for easy adjustment while holding the legs firmly.
Made in America

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8070.jpg (4432 bytes)

Price: $7.99
Saddle Maker's
Grover Blade

Blade for Craftool Saddlemaker's Groover #8069-00

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8074.jpg (5012 bytes)


Price: $17.99
 Adjustable Grover

Guaranteed to measure and gouge grooves in one step. Width adjusts from 1/16" to 3/4". Hardwood handle and metal ferrule.

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8075.jpg (2481 bytes)

Price: $6.99
Grover Blade

Blade for Craftool Adjustable Groover #8074-00

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0807905.jpg (6870 bytes)

Price: $18.99


Use as a spacer or overstitch. Use to mark the stitch spacing and press stitches for a machine-sewn look. Available in size: 5 / holes per inch.

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8091-00.jpg (7819 bytes)

Price: $27.99
Overstitch Spacer Set

Removable Spacing-overstitch wheels in sizes: 5, 6, and 7 holes per inch. Includes three spacer wheels, screwdriver for changing wheels, and one handle that is a holder for the spacers as well as the embossing wheels shown at right.

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Price: $34.99
Collar Awl
Osborne #8 / Osborne #8-B
CSO-8 / CSO-8-B

Forged collar awl with hardwood handle. Riveted tang goes completely through the handle for added strength. Sharp cutting edges to punch its own slit or Blunted tip to be used on pre-punched Leather. For heavy laces.
Blade length 6 1/2", Overall length 10 1/4"
Made in America

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