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Tooling Leathers

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North American Tooling Sides

Cost per Sq. Ft. $5.99

These imported veg-tanned sides are a medium firm temper. A nice, low cost alternative to our Hermann Oak Sides. Sides range from 25 to 28 sq. ft.


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Herman Oak Tooling and Carving Sides

Cost per Sq. Ft. $8.43
Made in America

These top quality #1 sides are tanned for leather crafters who demand the finest carving cowhide money can buy. Hermann Oak is known for its long life and superior performance. Tanned in the USA. Sides average 20 to 25 sq. ft.
Made in America

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 Herman Oak Veg-Tanned Double Splits

Cost per Sq. Ft. $2.99

An economical natural double split leather at an economical price. Sides average 18' to 22' sq. ft.  Great for resellers or anyone wanting to save money.
Made in America

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Single Shoulders 4/5oz.

Cost per Sq. Ft $6.99

These tooling leather single shoulders average 6 to 8 sq. ft. and are
perfect for small to medium size projects.

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Price: $42.99

Very tight grained, accepts dye & oil easily. Irregularly shaped; typically 60 long,  7" to 10 wide on the ends, and 10" to 13" in the middle. Far superior to cowhide for durability and very economically priced. Hard Rolled. 7-9 oz.

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Natural Kipskin Sides
Cost per Sq. Ft.

You'll love the clean appearance and the flexibility of these small sides. They are made from calf skins and have are ideal for making agendas, address books, wallets, handbags and more. Skins average 9 to 13 sq. ft. and are 2/3 ounce in weight.

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 V-Cut Double Shoulders

These Veg. tanned double shoulders are economically priced.
Shoulders are V-Cut and untrimmed. A nice, low cost alternative to our number one imports. Shoulders average 12 to 15 Sq. feet.

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Number 1 Import Double Shoulders

These Veg. tanned double shoulders are trimmed and leveled for maximum yield, with very little waste.  They average 14 to 18 Sq. feet.

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Craft Cuts - Hermann Oak
9000-08   9 1/2"x14"
#9000-07     12"x 15"

Our craft cuts are cut from 8-9oz. number one Hermann Oak tooling Leather. When a side or double shoulder are to much leather and when quality counts these cuts are the way to go.
Made in America

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