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Fiebing's Boot Crème Polish

This unique wax blend rich in natural waxes conditions, re-colors and polishes finished, grained, smooth leather shoes and boots. Excellent for covering scuffs and scrapes. Buffs to a high gloss.

 Manufactured in Black, White, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Brown, London Tan, Cognac, Neutral, Red, Cordovan, Navy Blue, Grey, Taupe, Bone, Saddle, and Burgundy
Packaged in 2 ½ ounce glass jars


Color Stock # Price: Buy Now
Black FCP-01 $4.49 Buy Now
Dark Brown FCP-02 $4.49 Buy Now
Taupe FCP-03 $4.49 Buy Now
Med. Brown FCP-04 $4.49 Buy Now
Neutral FCP-05 $4.49 Buy Now
Lt. Brown FCP-06 $4.49 Buy Now
White FCP-07 $4.49 Buy Now
Brown FCP-08 $4.49 Buy Now
Burgundy FCP-10 $4.49 Buy Now
Navy Blue FCP-11 $4.49 Buy Now
Grey FCP-12 $4.49 Buy Now
London Tan FCP-13 $4.49 Buy Now
Red FCP-14 $4.49 Buy Now
Cognac FCP-18 $4.49 Buy Now
Cordovan FCP-19 $4.49 Buy Now