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Price: $6.99
Fiebing's Shoe Kote


Shoe Kote penetrant wraps each leather fiber with silicone, keeping leather soft and flexible through repeated wetting and drying cycles. Will not clog leather pores.
Made in America

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Price: $5.99
Fiebing's Nubuck
and Suede Bar

Clean suede and nubuck leathers without the use of liquids. The Suede Cleaner Kit contains a cleaning bar that “erases” dirt and a nylon bristled brush that restores the nap. Also available with the cleaning bar only.

Made in America

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Price: $4.99
Fiebing's Scuff Remover

Easy roll on applicator quickly removes scuff marks from all leathers and vinyl's. Ideal for shoes, boots, and bags.
Made in America

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Price: $4.99
Fiebing's Shoe Stretch It

Stretches shoes in the tight spots where they grab the most. Expands treated areas without weakening the leather. Good for use on all leather, suede or nubuck shoes. Completely safe for application while shoe is worn. Will not harm skin or stockings.
Made in America

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Price: $6.99ormd-small.jpg (2449 bytes)
Kelly's Lynn Easy Cleaner - 8 oz

Safe and effective liquid suede cleaner. Also cleans surface dirt on leather, nubuck and canvas. 8 oz bottle
Made in America

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Price: $4.99
Fiebing's Fresh Feet

Eliminates unpleasant odors from all types of footwear. Ships in 1 dozen point of purchase display boxes.
Made in America

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