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Price: $219.99
Deluxe Starter Kit

Leathercraft is a hobby that challenges your creative and hand-working skills, yet is easy and fun to learn. A great way to get started, our deluxe kit contains everything needed to make a billfold, checkbook cover, cell phone case, and a key fob. The detailed manual and DVD teach you, step-by-step, the techniques of carving,  basic stamping, dyeing, finishing and lacing. Over $249.00 value if purchased separately.

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Price: $44.95
Starter Stamping Kit
BSA Apporved
Comes with everything need to complete 2 book marks, key fob, bag tag, cell phone case, and a belt. Also comes with three stamps, a wooden mallet, and a bottle of acrylic finish.

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Price: $1060.00
The Leathercrafter's Workshop

We have assembled our most popular tools and books for anyone wanting to set up their own small leather crafting workshop. All the tools necessary to cut, skive, punch, sharpen, strip, set eyelets, rivets and grommets. Also 25 stamping tools, a swivel knife with a 1/4" blade, and 5 books of instructions, patterns, techniques, and how-to's. This is much more than a professional workshop, this is The Ultimate Workshop. Just add leather.
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Price: $299.99
Pro Leatherworker's Tool set

Make leather projects from scratch with this set of tools. Contains a basic set of construction tools needed for pattern layout, cutting, skiving, punching lacing holes, stitching holes, rivet and snap holes, edging, setting rivets and snap fastener.
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Price: $12.99
Indian Lore Stamp Set

Set includes: 8 Stamps, 1 Handle, 8 Arrowhead Shapes, 8 Key Chains, and instructions.

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Price: $49.99
Basic Seven Tool Set

Get started with this set of Leathercraft tools. Set includes swivel knife, plus the six basic tools used in most leather patterns. They feature heavy-duty construction and are precision made.

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Price: $19.99
Basic Stamping Set

This set has the same tools as the Basic Seven Tool Set, but cast from a less expensive metal. The lower price makes this set an ideal way to introduce youth groups to the world of Leathercraft. Swivel knife sold separately.

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